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January 24, 2010
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Date a Googler: a dating site devoted solely to Googlers and the women (and men) who want to meet them!

Sign up for the free beta test (if you are not a Googler) by sending a membership request (specifying your gender and gender preference, e.g., F seeking M) to

To sign up as a Googler, you must verify Google employment or alum status by one of the following (also specifying your gender and gender preference, e.g., M seeking F):
(1) On Facebook, friend Googdateadmin Ning. We will look at your profile to verify that you are on the Google Network, but to preserve your anonymity, we will not accept your friend request.  At the same time, email a membership request (with the same name you have on FB) to the
(2) Send a membership request to the above email address from your email address.  You will be able to sign up using a different email address.
(3) Send a .jpg of your business card or employee badge to the above email address.

Women: meet a quality Google Guy
Google Guys: high female/male ratio
Female Googlers and others (please read below)

Date a Googler offers you the opportunity to connect with Google guys. You can bypass the low signal-to-noise ratio of other dating websites and find yourself a Googler. You know the stereotype: smart, successful, guys who might have trouble meeting quality women because of their intense work schedules and the low female/male ratio in Silicon Valley and other Google locations. These guys might be a bit geeky (maybe that’s what you’re looking for) but they work for the coolest company in the world. So if a Googler is what you’re looking for, sign up today!

Google Guys:
You know you have a lot to offer, but the Silicon Valley social scene is just not working for you. Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve built a dating community just for you. Here you’ll find women looking for Googlers, women who value brains and accomplishment, and they’re here in a high female/male ratio.

Date a Googler welcomes female Googlers looking for men, as well as same sex relationships, but cannot offer the same benefits/dynamics for these groups.


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